.Net vs JavaScript – nodejs

Conversations and requirements at work recently changed somewhat, shifting towards a web service and cloud transformation slant. These changes have been brought about by increased requirement to create an agile working environment for staff, save money and drive a change in business process within my organisation. This allowed me the opportunity to suggest something I had been interested in doing for a while: learn more about nodejs.

After thoughtful consideration by colleagues it was deemed a good direction to be heading. So I started writing new applications and services in pure JavaScript as opposed to using .Net.

I found great resources on nodeschool to get me started as I wasn’t that familiar with JavaScript, I’ve also subscribed to Pluralsight to really focus on in depth subject matter from some really great teachers.

To answer the question, Why move from .Net if you’re already familiar and experienced with it? I was finding issues with maintaining a development environment and, being the only developer in my organisation: my time is becoming more and more precious. By using nodejs I have shifted almost my entire development work flow to the cloud. Working with JSON and REST feels easier in nodejs, I use Cloud 9 IDE which is fast and cloud based, GitHub for code management and Sloppy IO for deployment of Docker containers. The result is I don’t waste time keeping my development environment running and the machine I use has become irrelevant. I work on the same code files from Windows, Mac or Linux and the services that I deploy are very light weight.

Most importantly I’ve enjoyed the process of migrating to a new environment and I have become more productive as a result.

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