Legacy Planning Search Tool

This project involved bringing together historic content and modern technology to create a new service to search for Planning history within the Borough of Surrey Heath. This is my first foray into the world of pure JavaScript development and one of the most enjoyable projects to date I have worked on.

The aim of this application is to remove the requirement for anyone that wishes to search historic Planning documents, having to visit Surrey Heath’s offices to view this content. To date the application allows customers to search via a map interface and a street search interface. History Record cards that detail the Planning case numbers at different locations can be retrieved from Surrey Heath’s content storage platform. The road map for the application is for customers to be able to request individual Planning case files, that have until recently been accessible via micro fiche or a single PC terminal in Surrey Heath’s reception area.

The application makes use of the following technology:

  • Cloud 9 cloud based development environment
  • nodejs as a JavaScript runtime framework
  • expressjs lightweight web framework
  • Twitter’s typeahead for search auto-complete
  • Leafletjs interactive mapping tools with Marker Clusters for efficient map visualisation
  • Twitter’s Bootstrap responsive front end to accommodate all types of browsing devices
  • Slack for real time monitoring and notifications
  • GitHub for version control
  • Docker to containerize the application removing the requirement to build and maintain a web hosting environment
  • Codefresh for continuous delivery
  • Sloppy IO to host the application that can be embedded into Surrey Heath’s website

Interactions with preexisting tools such as an Address Search API, a History Record Card API, FME Cloud and Box.com mean that this application stores no data and acts as a public interface into some of Surrey Heath’s digital services.

Legacy Planning Search Tool

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